Look at the time Thursday, Aug 31 2006 

Wow, its 1252 am, and I’m still up and still working.  Marking written report drafts and falling asleep along the way, but I need to persevere.

Must persevere.

This is ridiculous.  I shouldn’t be working this late.  Sigh.

Hopefully blogging will make me wake up and keep me from nodding off completely.  Keep it up keep it up.


Almost Teachers’ Day Wednesday, Aug 30 2006 

Finally, a (minor) reprieve finished rushing for one of the deadlines today.  Got a minor deadline to finish by today in the morning, also managed to get past it fine, though I wasn’t too pleased with the short notice. Scholarship organisations have got to stop giving us such short lead times as if they pay my salary, they have to realise that we have a billion things to do other than rush something out for them.

Anyway, I still need to finish marking another 3 written report drafts tonight (in the hope) of returning them tomorrow morning.  How come there is so much work to do?  Work seems to be dominating my life and I am wondering how healthy that is?

God grant me the serenity…

Good(ish) Saturday Sunday, Aug 27 2006 

Had quite a long but good Saturday.  Woke up late(r) but yet managed to clear a small matter of vetting a paper in a not too long period of time.  Did a bit of admin work after that as well, by then it was 10 plus and I had to go for hair cut before heading down to AGM.

AGM feels grossly different from the years past, perhaps because I didn’t attend last year because of school work, it feels different and I had difficulties adjusting to feeling at the margins of proceedings, as if it were only a courtesy that you are included (and rightly so!)  I guess I have never really felt good that I can’t be more active in helping out in the Scout unit any more.  I look at the positive and cohesive spirit among the Scout teachers now and I wonder about the possibilities that might have been if I had more time.

I noticed some things that I was pleased about, that the boys are still very closely knit, and that the spirit is still strong.  The skills do not seem too bad, although I can’t say I hung around long enough to judge that, but I must add that skills are not vital.  Spirit, brotherhood and character are the key elements.  I noticed some stuff lacking too, like the lack of proficiency badges and I brought up later that this would be a problem with the Frank Sands assessment.

After that went to visit a friend’s parents and had a long chat, I hope that they are coping better these days.  They do seem to be.

Then went shopping for something to cheer fatsam up.  Settled on a Civ IV, but not before wracking our brains deciding between a few games and resisting the huge temptation not to buy one for myself as well.  I think I will buy one when the holidays come along.

Simple sandwich snack for dinner in anticipation of heavy supper after that.  Supper followed and then went for a longish walk along the beach.  I’m not sure I can adjust to certain things that I just became privy to either.  Not that it bothers me that much, but it just flashes in my head from time to time and I am just not that sure what I should think about it all.

If a person sets out to do something that he feels is right, then should it bother him what those around him think?  Of course it feels good when your friends stand by you and do not judge you, but well, you can’t have everything can you?  No, you can’t have everything, you can say everything but you can’t have it.  Rather cryptic, even for my standards.  Why should you want or need everything anyway?  There’s nothing wrong with starting anew, or is there?

Hell Weeks Ahead Saturday, Aug 26 2006 

Haven’t posted anything for more than a week.  Its been terribly busy to the extent of missing meals.  (Me! Miss meals!?!? Need I say more?)  Yesterday I missed lunch and ate something (close) to substantial only at 430 pm (ish).  I think this is not a good direction to go in at all.

I haven’t even had much time to think let alone post much.  Work is all consuming generally, and the next few weeks will see many many reports, marks, marking and then marks (again) due, all this on top of a full schedule of lessons and lectures.

I’m not complaining don’t get me wrong.  This is just a means for those who think I’m being antisocial to see what is going on.

The question is, is this typical?

Others also talk about their heavy workload, sometimes I wonder about the differing standards of what “heavy” means?

I’ve had 31 periods of 35 min each a week since the start of term 3 and this will last until the promotional exams.

Still got a fair bit of admin work to do before then.  Crud, won’t be surprised if I have to overnight soon.

The rally coming up better have some goodies.

This is funny Tuesday, Aug 15 2006 


And when you’re done laughing read the original letter to MICA, I think its very well written.

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