Well, about 4 weeks have passed, and I think its relatively safe to announce that the worse of the year is (probably) over.  I’m worried that this will come back to haunt me though.

Was at a very useful Outdoor Ed conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, I sure hope that OE becomes bigger in Singapore.

Today was unexpectedly hectic, it was a flashback to term 3 when I barely had time to eat.  Today I ate breakfast in 10 minutes and lunch in 15.  I arrived in the morning and had to run some data, then had some short discussion and following that I was in presentation rehearsals for until about 11 am.  Then I had more data to run, and then discussion until about 5, following which I had to run around getting an addon for Adobe.

Mass for All Souls’ was a particularly good way to end the day, although it was a tad long.

Had a simple, uneventful dinner (great) and then sigh… run some data (again), watched some tv and then now.

Life feels different.  Feels like some change is nigh.  Wonder why.