Restlessness and Angst in the New Year Monday, Jan 22 2007 

Something is definitely different about school this year.  Perhaps because its not the first time round I’m doing it, though it must be said that it is merely the second time, I seem a lot more confident.  Looks like the learning curve is logarithmic, so you learn and change your style the most over the first few years.  Is that why they expect us to move around often?

These days, I feel like my seat is on fire, I can’t sit down for long periods working on stuff any more.

I spoke to a colleague about it, and borrowed the phrase “existential angst”.  What’s this all about?  What are we doing all this for?  No wonder our generation moves around, changing jobs and careers often.  We can’t sit still.  Not twenty times for us, once or twice is ample.  Maybe compared to the depths of last year and the first 2 weeks of school, the last two weeks have been more well-paced, allowing more time (and energy) to even think about such things.

Went back DHS last friday, had a good chat with some of the guys.  They’re clearly not as knowledgeable about stuff as I had assumed.  I think I make some wrong assumptions.  Come to think of it, how would they know all that stuff?

Sponsor sessions are going ok, had a crap session last sun, had a good one this.  Acknowledge that it is my cross to bear and must kiss the leper.

Accept hardships as the pathway to peace.


Random thoughts about the new year Saturday, Jan 6 2007 

Well, the new year has started, and without a doubt last year was pretty eventful.  So many things happened, on so many different levels.  I learnt a few lessons, taught a few as well (I’m not referring to maths lessons ok?)

The new year heralds new beginnings, and I’m glad to see that some wounds have begun healing.  The road is still long yet, but the light is there.

The new work year has started, and I had to hit the ground running this week.  So many things to do in the first week, whilst most others are still on half load, I already feel like I’m going to slide under my table and rot.   There is no sign of relenting this year, it seems like though my teaching load seems to have decreased, my non teaching load is expanding at an exponential rate.  Goodness.  I feel tired already.

At least the weekend is here.  Have a sponsor prep session tomorrow night, I think/hope it will be good.