For whom do you carry this rock? Sunday, Feb 25 2007 

This from a sermon by Father Patrick at Holy Fam today.  I thought that it is an extremely good story, so here goes.

(This is an extrabiblical story, just for those of us who would be confused)

Jesus told his disciples, “We are going to climb a high mountain, I need you to bring along a piece of rock as we walk up the mountain.”

Each of the disciples took a rock, of varying sizes.  John took a huge rock, one that was difficult to carry.  Peter on the other hand, took a small rock, one that could fit in his pocket.

So as they walked up the mountain, it was time to eat, and then Jesus said,”You will each eat what you have carried up.” And the rocks turned to loaves of bread, of course of varying sizes.  Peter, who had carried such a small piece, had little to eat.

So a few days later, Jesus said to his disciples, “We are going to the river, bring along a rock.”  This time, Peter brought a big rock, one that was difficult to carry.

And when Jesus and his disciples reached the river, he said to them,”Throw your rocks into the river.”  And once they did so, he asked them,”For whom do you carry this rock?


Book Review: There are no shortcuts Saturday, Feb 24 2007 

There are no shortcuts by Rafe Esquith.

This one is for the teachers out there, an inspirational and motivational biography-like book that Rafe, the winner of an American Teacher’s Award wrote.  If you think we have problems in our schools, think again.

Truly a good read, and a good reminder to all about why teach in the first place.

Post Chinese New Year Message Thursday, Feb 22 2007 

Thanks wl for the ecard.  Though it did jam up my browser repeatedly.  123greetings do not work with Firefox ok.
Well cai qing was a bunch of laughs as usual.  Slightly tiring after watching a late night movie, but still bearable.  The day ended with the customary celebratory dinner and then we went off to visit ZS, who together with Tommy were their usual dynamic duo.

3rd day was more hectic than I had expected, with visit to Pat’s folks, lunch then protege and then a power 2.5 hr nap which was super refreshing.

I feel good about things, more alive at work (doesn’t mean I’m getting more done hehe), the picture about whether to move or not seems to be getting slightly clearer, though I definitely need to think about it in greater detail.

Take care all.

Happy World Scout Day!

Chinese New Year Sunday, Feb 18 2007 

Well, its Chinese New Year again.  A happy new year to all, I wish all your wishes come true, and peace and blessings in the new year ahead.

I think this year I’m so not in the festive mood.  The routine drudgery of visiting relatives simply does not excite me.

A couple of things have been troubling me, some more so than others, and differing amounts at different times.  Boss wants a decision soon on my move (or non-move).  I was disappointed early in the week, and am still trying to figure things out.  My timing is always terrible.  Felt an ache yesterday that I haven’t felt for quite a long time.

A lot of things getting the people around me down also.  About three people with relationship woes, I suppose my lack of pressing problems is a blessing.  Or is it my apparent ability to just let things slide.

Help me to surrender to Your will Lord.  Teach me your understanding and show me my paths.

The Occasional Post Tuesday, Feb 13 2007 

I’m starting to see a pattern, in more ways than one.  Every one year plus, a cycle repeats itself.  Everytime I see something I like, I can’t have it.  Bloody heck.

Oh well.  School is becoming more routine.  I received a letter telling me not to get too comfy in school, and expect a move rather soon.  I am still unsure what to make of it.  Do I want to stay on for a while longer?  It is a certainty that they won’t have me staying much longer.  I’m not really sure what to do about this.   I guess I need to trust in his ways.  Lean not on my own understanding.  I hope to see some clarity eventually, I think I will need to speak to boss about this soon.

Been a little bit edgy these few days, guess I feel that change is nigh in more ways than one.  In a way, work is also catching up on me.  Got quite a few things that I need to get done pronto.

But all in all, I guess I’m happily content with the way things are.  Sure I’m still missing someone in my life, but I guess I’m not missing having all the pressure of buying presents four times a year hahahaha. (I don’t know if I should joke about something like that, it might come back to haunt me.)

Anyways, to the few people who do read my blog.  Despite what it may seem, I care about you all a great deal, and pray for peace for all of you.  I’m here for you, although there’s no guarantee you don’t take a bit of stick for it (heh heh).