Thoughts about the long story Saturday, Apr 14 2007 

Today I was in two minds, and possibly two hearts as well. I don’t even know if I wish to hear about things anymore. I’m fast completely running out of patience and you know how testy I can get when it gets to that.

I made a promise to be there and I will stick by it no matter what. But you have got to know that there is not one thing happening that I am pleased about.

You say, so few in the gang left. Really? We’re all still here, are you?

Remember that the turk’s heads I gave each of you are more than just woggles.  They represent friendship that is neverending, just like the turk’s head is a neverending knot.


Thoughts about life Saturday, Apr 14 2007 

Term 2 is a very busy term.  This week has been a rather difficult week, especially towards the end.  Suddenly I feel like there are so many things to do, and the fact is little time for me to do my own stuff.

I can’t even remember when was the last time I took an afternoon nap, and to think I advised a friend to get some rest when she could, because she was feeling extremely tired with all the work.

So I’m sitting in a meeting right now blogging about my life, and I suddenly feel like I don’t have much patience any more.   This is clearly not the way things should be, or should they?  Am I not managing my time properly?  Sometimes I do think that is one of the causes.

I feel tired and unhappy that I don’t have the time and sometimes the patience for the ones around me.  I’m feeling a tad empty at this point, I hope it is something that passes, I’m disappointed with some things, but I hope that disappointment passes as well.