Its been a long hiatus, an unintended one, as I tend to lapse into on a frequent basis.

Well the school year is about to hit its most pressurised stage, with all the exams coming up soon.  I pray that the Holy Spirit may touch and guide all those who are in need of guidance and that hard work and effort may bear fruit.

Life’s gone and found itself seemingly stuck in a rut again.  Started reading purpose driven life, hopefully I can find my full purpose in life.  For this unease must have its meaning and I intend to try and find out what it is.

Been rather unhappy about how the Rovers “dealt” with (or didn’t) our calls for reorganisation, considering whether I want to just let things go totally, perhaps I should.  Shall not complain too much as much of what they did was good natured, albeit unintentionally irritating and pointless.

Perhaps I shall recommit to a commissioner’s position, or some greater role in which there is a clearer sphere of influence.