Hmm, I guess I never had much discipline to blog in the first place.  Its in the middle of the so called holidays, which on the whole I’m quite happy with because I managed to get a significant number of my testimonials (not all) done.

I’m not quite happy with all of them, meaning I will probably have to rewrite and rehash some parts of them, which I will be glad to do for some students.  I’m determined not to sell those who deserve it short.

The past month has been pretty ok, quite busy at times as always, quite tumultuous in terms of stability because I’ve now got a posting hanging over my head and I don’t know which way it will go.  Like I’ve said before, they don’t really bother what I think.  Anyways if the level of job satisfaction in this system doesn’t increase in the next 1.5 years, I will be seriously considering swapping careers.

On another note, my birthday came and went.  Many thanks to the various people who made it a memorable one, I quite enjoyed myself this year.