Whats this? A post? It hasn’t been a month yet? Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

Well, today I thought I should pen some thoughts down from all over.  Work has been rough these couple of days in a way that is not common in the sense that we’re doing process and programme reviews and so we have to express our opinions, and consequently there are agreements but actually most of the time lack of them.

Now perhaps I know why I’m so tired.  Over the past 3 days, I have had to express my opinions in a way that is very tiring, especially when the listeners don’t get your point.  Is my English really that bad?  Ridiculous.  I try to discuss on their terms, if only they could see the point.  Even if I put my primary concerns aside they can’t convince me how what they are doing could be good for the students.

Mollycoddling is bad.  It is not empowerment when you allow them to make decisions that will lead to oblivion, its called being irresponsible.  You’re abdicating your responsibility to ensure that these students achieve the best possible outcomes.  Empowerment is making them realise that they need to do something if they want it.  If they want a particular subject combination that they were not given they need to earn it, that is empowerment.

Suddenly my eyes are opened to the ineptitude around me.  How such people get where they get is rather surprising, and its very frustrating to work with.  At the end of the day, if you want somebody of my capacity working for you, I suppose you will have to value my opinions and not just the volume of work I can clear for you.  Find somebody else if thats what you need.

Lately I’ve been reading Wild at Heart, and I found that it really speaks to me.  Hopefully I can make the right changes in my life soon, and move on from the wound within that the book refers to.  By God’s Grace I shall.


Well… I kind of rest my case Monday, Oct 15 2007 

Read the first line of the previous post.  Again.  Seems like I only post once a month, and this one would be a week overdue.

I just got back from a dive trip in Pulau Dayang.  I must say this time diving was much more rewarding than the first time last year.  If anybody intends to do Open Water Diver Course, please go with Orpheus Dives http://www.orpheusdives.com

My friends had more fun doing their OW with them than I did with the other dive centre.  I spent most of my dives in the house reef (yawn), whereas this one took them around the various dive sites, same ones as where I did my Advanced dives, or nearby anyways.

So this time I managed to see 2 turtles, a moray eel, a cuttlefish, a sole getting eaten by the cuttlefish among other things.  I should do this more often.

Travelling there was a major pain, especially the trip out.  The bus driver was insane.  I felt like clothes in a tumbledryer.  Its been a while since I felt that kind of jialat on a bus.

Anyways, my posting has more or less been confirmed as after June 2008.  I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I  think I welcome a break from teaching.  Its a bundle of very mixed feelings and situations I feel.  I don’t know how much of the unsettledness I am feeling comes from the fact that I know a posting is sort of compulsory, and everybody knows that, and everybody sort of factors that into their long term plans (or obvious lack thereof for me) so therefore all I get saddled with is large volume of work as a justification for my “status”.  So some people say I’m unhappy and think I would be happy to leave.  But its all interrelated isn’t it?

Its a welcome break, I’ll give you that.

Another year is about to come and go.  I know this sounds a little bit premature, but to me the end of the school term is akin to the end of the year.  Who gives about the festive season haha… Rather eventful in some ways, and decidedly uneventful in other aspects. Cryptic eh?