So a year on into my stay at HQ, and almost done there.  I can almost smell the posting exercise coming up.

Other musings aside, there’s been an injection of new blood, i.e. new officers.  While increasing the workload somewhat in the first few months is normal as they need time to run themselves in, working with completely new people has given me an unintended/unforeseen opportunity to contrast against (theoretically) the way I must have been last year.

While my perspectives about HQ work may not have changed (much), I think my ability to handle it has quietly grown with practice.

I may not have gotten the first posting I interviewed for, but I’ve since noticed some shortcomings with those postings.  While it could jolly well be a case of sour grapes, the technical person inside me appreciates my current position for its need to get into the nuts and bolts of the issue before being required/asked to solve the problem.

Suddenly I feel less diffident about the time I’ve been asked to spend at HQ, when I notice what I’ve learnt.  A not too dissimilar feeling from when I just came back from overseas, when people used to ask me what I had gained from that stint, I never knew what to say.  I always chose to say “I’m only just realising as I go along”.  This is to a certain extent true in the situation I am in right now.