Thank the Lord for Answered Prayers Tuesday, Aug 4 2009 

So I attend Alpha every tuesday nowadays, and today’s session said we should really keep track of what we’ve asked for, and we’ll be amazed as we look back at these things to find that either we got answers, or we’ve realised we didn’t need them in the first place.

Thank God for answering my prayers to get me out of the fix at work.  I was feeling really forced into a corner, and at one point it looked really dire.  Not long after my prayers were answered and the problem went away by itself.


New Posting Possibilities Saturday, Jul 11 2009 

A few possibilities for my next posting have arisen, and significantly one of them has me thinking long and hard about what I want to be or should be doing in the next 3/4 years of my career.

Should I go for exposure and cut my teeth in an environment that could potentially be harsh, and the work completely new to me, or got to an environment that is likely to be less harsh, for work that I know I can do and enjoy.

Its not so much about the intensity of the work, but really about the kind of work.

End of the year musings Sunday, Dec 14 2008 

Its been quite a bad 2-3 months at work since I last posted.  Well its not that I’m not enjoying it, I think I’m enjoying my work mostly more than earlier this year.  Just some rather terrible experiences with working with people at work that made it particularly bad.

If you aren’t quite bothered about your work, at least get it done so that your co-workers don’t have to stay back to pick up the slack while you go off on the dot at 6.  Enough crap about I can work late if “the need be”.  If you need to be told in those few words that “the need be”, then sorry, you can’t work late.  Nobody is going to tell you that the need be.  If the meeting deadline was monday and its already friday and the report is two reports are not ready, I would jolly well think “the need be”.  My goodness.

So your colleagues stay back till almost 10 pm plugging along, doing the report that has your name as the lead writer.  Struggle to find a time I’ve been more cheesed off.

Oh well.

The end of the year is approaching, Christmas season is upon us soon.  Looking forward to that holiday after Christmas.

The new year will probably pass as fast as this one has, and then it will be back to school again.  I truly wonder whether this career is the best for me, but the downturn is a rather bad time to go out anyway.  At the end of the day, teaching is something that I do enjoy, just wonder how much of it I will get to do going forward, thats all.  So I’m still on that wait and see approach, wondering if taking a MAF@SMU is worth the $$ too…

We’ll just have to see.

Post long overdue Saturday, Mar 15 2008 

So I haven’t posted since early November, making it more than 4 months since.  The end of the year break was a blast, Hong Kong and Bangkok were fun. 

In mid January I had a minor op on my knee, to clean up a torn meniscus.  Up to now its still bothering me because my leg is very stiff from the muscular atrophy.

Oh well.  Since Jan I’ve also been out of teaching in a totally new environment and I can’t say I’m totally enjoying it.  I still think its a good break from teaching, and the work is refreshingly new, but I guess I’m not used to sitting down the whole day and staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

It reminds me of the end of year data crunching I used to do for school, but now its every day.  And don’t get me started on the boss.  More than once I’ve thought about buying out my bond and going to the private sector.  Lucky (for him) the financial sector is cooling off this year, heh, if before the subprime crisis and credit crunch I think I might have gone already. 

Oh well, I gave myself until June to like the job more, or dislike it even further, so I will leave it till then.

A New Take on the Zacchaeus Story Sunday, Nov 4 2007 

The story of Zacchaeus takes place in Luke’s Gospel 19:1-10.

Today I heard a new and more interesting take on these verses in the Gospel.  The typical interpretation has it that Zacchaeus was the typical tax collector of those days, cheating and gouging his fellow Jews on the behalf of his Roman masters, and is a story of repentence.

The other take is to read the subtext in the following verse “If I have cheated anybody, I will repay him four times the amount.”  There is no mention of repentance, and no admission of guilt.  Before you say I am blasphemous read on.  His tone seems indignant.  And yet our Lord JC still says, I will stay at your house.  So how to reconcile these facts?

Could it be that Zacchaeus was misunderstood?  Misjudged?  No lah… how can it be… he’s a tax collector what… they’re all scum…

A bit judgemental are we?  Have we been misjudged before?  We have definitely misjudged before.

What the Gospel could be saying is that Zacchaeus is a good man, maligned and misjudged by the mere fact he is a tax collector.  Condemned by the rumours about him. (Not all lawyers are bad these days too y’know.)  Our Lord is therefore saying, I see your heart and it is good.  I will dine with you tonight.  You are alright!

And this interpretation offers us another perspective on this, and that is not to misjudge, for we are often misjudged ourselves.  We may see ourselves often in Zacchaeus’ shoes, but think harder and we are part of the crowd just as often.

To summarise and to tie both interpretations together is the invitation to accept Christ, for he sees our hearts, calls us to repent and judges our hearts.

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